3 steps to a relaxed newborn photoshoot

I think that the first step to being relaxed at any photoshoot is to know what to expect beforehand. Have a look through the photographer’s portfolio, chat with them, share your thoughts and wants, etc. Communication is important! Talk about your having a newborn photoshoot with your partner and children before booking a session. Let them know why you think it’s important and how you want everyone included in this decision. Having a newborn with older children can be a big lifestyle change for them. Do they really need a stranger to come into their home? Should you expect them to be excited? They are still adjusting to the new baby. If you feel it’s not a good fit, maybe it would be best to only have the parents present. It really depends on how the first days or weeks go. You can’t really know before you book, but that can be changed right before the photoshoot. Ask them if they would like to be there. You can always book a family session in a couple of months to have a beautiful portrait of all your children.

Be prepared.

Having a baby is a lot to handle at once and they need a lot of items to comfort them or tend to their needs. If you book an at home session then it will be easier to prepare with everything being pretty much on hand. For a studio session you will have to bring everything with you. I did studio sessions with my children. Lifestyle photoshoots weren't as popular as it is now and living in a remote location I didn’t have a photographer close by to come. It was my only option and I received beautiful portraits of my babies (I don’t regret it!). While I only offer at-home sessions to my clients, I’ve received many messages saying how easy it was and they didn’t have to leave the home or pack anything. If you have older children as well, being at home might make them more comfortable and offer them breaks playing with their toys.

Start off with a chat.

I always like to take the time to get to know everyone’s names and where they are from to start off. It would be so intimidating to start right there and then without a proper introduction. No way will everyone feel relaxed. We can then visit through your home and decide which rooms would offer us the best light and space. I will then ask if you have your heart set on a particular pose or would like to incorporate a special item in your photos. After that we will begin the session and keep on chatting through the different poses and breaks. I’m an open book about life with kids, being a mom, a teacher, a wife, etc. I love sharing things I know we will have in common.


Are you nervous about your session? As much as I’m excited to meet you and take your portraits, sometimes I am too. Just take a deep breath with me and we will begin when you are ready. It can be stressful if your baby is crying and won’t settle. I’m a mom of three. I’ve been there! It doesn’t bother me whatsoever. If you or your partner need help, I will gladly give you a hand or two. I love babies! I’m curious though. What makes you nervous? Is it having great portraits (I can show you what I shoot through our session.)? Is it meeting someone new (That will be done in the first minute.)? You just might be tired because you had a newborn (Give yourself a break Mama!)? If you would like to invite a grandparent or friend to help out with the baby or the older children, that could be a big stress reliever for you. I know I did it and it was a great idea!


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