4 steps to a relaxed family photoshoot

I’m so happy to have you here reading my blog today! Who is always stressed out about having a photoshoot with your family? My hand is up right now! But let me tell you that it’s a waste of your energy! I don’t anymore because every time I was always surprised with beautiful portraits. The photographer knew what I expected and she would deliver. You honestly don’t need 100 perfect photos. I wanted 1-2 great ones, 3-5 good ones and then the rest well, I don’t have enough frames to print them. How many do you need? Do you want them horizontal, vertical, everyone looking, no one looking, 1 or 20? Be honest with yourself and then communicate to your photographer what would make you happy and the photoshoot a success. Once you are done with your session, you could also ask how many shots were taken and that will put your mind at ease.

I don’t like being photographed.

I hear you! I don’t like it either, but sometimes I need to update my headshots or it’s time for my yearly family Christmas photo. Try and keep in mind why you would like to have a family photoshoot and what those portraits will represent for you right now and through the years. I think we can all agree that family photos are priceless. You might not want to today, but you could regret it tomorrow. Pick out your favorite outfit, get yourself pampered at the hair salon, tell yourself you are a queen and get your butt in that picture (pretty please?)!

How we look inside.

If you are having fun and enjoying this family event it will show in your portraits more than what you look on the outside. Same thing if you are stressed! Take a deep breath, shake off your nerves and let’s get through this one pose at a time! Here is one of my tricks. When I take portraits of my kids and they aren’t giving me a genuine smile, I ALWAYS ASK THEM to think about how much they love Mommy or to think of a cute kitten/puppy and how adorable they would be. It works every time! So, that means, if you are nervous or feel uncomfortable, think about something that makes you smile or laugh and it will shine through. Another way too is to try to make yourself laugh. It starts off really awkward and finishes in hysterics. We can totally do it together with the whole family!

Enjoy yourself.

You’ve already done the first steps by booking your favorite photographer and going to the set location. All that’s left is to have fun! Make it a big deal at home. Get your kids to look forward to having their pictures taken every year. Bring treats or plan a reward for after like going for an ice cream, going to the park, planning a picnic at the beach, etc. If everyone enjoys themselves your session will be easy and you will receive a beautiful gallery. I always have so much fun even with new clients! I feel so fortunate to be a part of your session and to share a special moment with everyone.

Playing games.

This might sound weird to you, but games can be a part of your session. I like to keep them last when your kids have had enough and need to move. It will give us some great lifestyle shots of you interacting with your children and them having a blast. Also, it will end our session on a high note and your kids will remember that taking photographs can be fun! Is there an outside game your kids like playing? Let’s try it! I have a couple up my sleeves as well to help out and it doesn’t have to be a running or active game. I like playing the no smiling game. It is a simple task but it’s harder than it looks. It always ends in laughter!


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