4 steps to a relaxed maternity photoshoot

This week’s blog will give you tips on how to have a relaxed maternity photoshoot either at home or on location. After we’ve booked your session, I'm always available to chat. You might have something in mind or an inspiring picture that you would like to replicate. Don’t be afraid to share this info with me. When it comes to any type of session I recommend either choosing a location first and then wearing something appropriate for that place or choosing a special outfit and then we can look at where it would make it look amazing. By experience, we are most comfortable and relaxed somewhere familiar. If you are including older children at the photoshoot, let me know. All these elements need to be considered to make the right decisions. Keep on reading for more tips!

Practice your poses.

You heard me! Get in front of a mirror and practice some basic poses. For example, hands on the bottom of the belly, on top, alternating top and bottom, turn to your side and place a hand on your hip or back pocket, etc. There are classic poses that I will be guiding you through but knowing where to put your hands helps a lot. During the shoot, if you don’t understand what I want then I will show you or your partner by taking their place and visually showing you how to pose. If you have a look at popular photo apps we can also check where the subjects are looking. We will be rotating between looking at the camera, at each other and at the belly through the different poses. Have you thought about posing while sitting or lying down? You should practice before with your partner or a friend to make sure you are comfortable and able to move around. If you need help getting back up slowly I will lend a hand or two.

I’m not photogenic.

Neither am I! The key is to RELAX and ENJOY the process. I will place myself in different angles to showcase your beautiful belly and I will encourage and compliment you through the entire session to try and make you feel at ease with the camera and myself. Some shots are only the belly and your hands. That will give you time to breathe in and start again when we change the pose. I will probably talk the entire time and take shots even when you aren’t posing or expecting me to shoot. Those candid shots show you relaxed and enjoying the moment. If there is a certain side you prefer me photographing or don’t like close up pictures, just let me know! These are YOUR PORTRAITS! You will be looking at these often through the years. I want you to love them just as much as I love taking them.

This is a special moment.

Your lives are about to change in the best possible way. All the joy and love should be showcased in your portraits. Don’t be afraid to snuggle with your partner and whisper to each other sweet messages. Pretend I’m not there and stroll hand in hand while looking at each other. You should feel special and excited about the upcoming birth of your little one. I will capture all these tender moments during your photoshoot.

When is the best time?

Great question! I’ve covered this before in a previous blog. It depends how you will use these portraits. Some clients want the whole package, pregnancy announcement (3rd month), gender reveal (4th-5th month) and third trimester (7th-8th month). When it comes to the third trimester, the earlier the better. You never know if your baby will come earlier than later. Also, you will be less and less mobile as the end approaches. Being on your feet, sitting down and getting back up will be a challenge. Your belly will be pretty full around 7 months and you will still be a little flexible. Whatever session you choose to do, have it booked a couple of weeks and months before to make sure you have a spot and are not stressing out at the last minute trying to find an available photographer.


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