5 locations in Hawkesbury for family photos

Most of you know I live in the Hawkesbury region, in Eastern Ontario. It is a beautiful city that sits on the Outaouais River. Hello views!!!! Today I will be sharing my favorite spots to capture some of your special life events with things to consider before choosing a location

  1. Confederation Park (Le Chenail for locals)

This place is definitely one of my favorites. It borders the Outaouais river and has amazing views of the Long Sault Bridge. There is also a beautiful gazebo at our disposal. The downside is, that it is a popular spot to feed the ducks and have picnics, so there might be a crowd.

  1. Downtown on Main street

Our Main street is beautifully lined with ornamental trees and flowers. It has old brick buildings that make for unique backgrounds for your portraits. Of course it is hustled with traffic and pedestrians but we will be using the sidewalk and allies to get great shots. There is also a spot called Place des Pionniers with gazebos available to use.

  1. Desjardins Laurentian Park or Sidney Park

These two parks are awesome spots to consider if you have young children. We can take advantage of the swings and structures at the end of our session for some fun shots. I like these locations for my own family because they get to go play when we are done. You get something and they get something. Bonus points… it’s free!!!! We all know how expensive outings can be with families. These parks are lined with trees and offer shade as well.

  1. Golf & Curling

This location has a wow worthy entrance that we love to use. The mature and majestic trees that line the road are perfect for photoshoots. Keep in mind that this spot is used when the golf season has ended. Also, a special permission is needed since this is a private property.

  1. La Cité Golf Course

Last but not least, another beautiful golf course that is located in the heart of Hawkesbury. This location boasts amazing views of trees and is so well maintained. Fall time is definitely worth a visit to see all the shades of oranges, reds and yellows. Again, this is a private property and a special permission is needed to visit.

Go visit!

Whichever location you choose will deliver beautiful portraits. Always ask your photographer what they recommend for that time of the year and is safer for young children. You can also go for a drive and check out your favorite spot before your session. Another thing to consider is the time of your photoshoot. Different times of the day will offer different lighting.

Do you have a photoshoot worthy spot you like to visit?

Hey now... we are all friends here and friends like to share. Let me know where this spot is so we can offer more options to our clients. It can be for other regions as well since I do travel to locations outside the city. Even if it’s only a hiking trail, I would love to hear from you. (I’m a hiking geek btw)

What’s next?

My next blog will offer tips on what to wear to your family photoshoot. It is THE MOST ASKED QUESTION after how much does a session cost. I hate to say this, but if I’m being honest, it does matter. I can’t wait to post this one.


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