Best gifts for mothers

Hey everyone! Today’s blog is for the mamas! These ideas can be used for Mother’s Day or for that special mama’s birthday and any other time you would like to surprise her with a gift. Mama’s are selfless, multitasking and loving creatures. They do look scary sometimes in the early hours of the day when they haven’t had a cup of coffee yet. But, they can rock a top bun like no other. All jokes aside, mamas should be treated like queens on their anniversary because they often put themselves last when it comes to taking care of their family. I’m here to help!

3 gifts that anyone will appreciate.

  1. Time

Being a mother myself, I know I would appreciate more time. More organized family time, more time for myself to do things I enjoy and more time with my husband on date nights. Time is hard to manage when both parents work full-time jobs and each kid has extra-curricular activities. So make the time for her. Plan out something special for her birthday. Gifts are wonderful, but she will feel even more special if you have a full-day organized for her. It can start off with coffee in bed (with my special cup), followed by brunch (don’t forget the bacon), then a trip to a hiking trail with a picnic (adventure time!!!!), the day can follow with just the two of you at her favorite restaurant (mine is Vert Fourchette in Vankleek Hill) and a relaxing walk on the town. These are definitely MY IDEAL birthday activities (can someone send this blog to my husband?) but you get it. Include the kids in the process and make sure everyone is happy and busy.

  1. Prints

Have you had a recent photoshoot and haven’t had the time to print them yet? Here is your chance. You will probably make her cry when she opens up a framed photo of her kids or the family. I would suggest buying 3-4 frames and having them printed in the correct size. Why? Well, if you only print, it might take a while before you can head out and buy frames. Also, you won’t know which size to print if you don’t purchase them beforehand. 3-4 frames might seem a lot, but if you inspire yourself on different decor apps, you will notice that a lot of the time frames are used to do a collage. Rule of thumb for me and my family of 5 is, 1 print of the whole family, 1 print of the kids together and 1 of Mom and Dad. You could also print 1 of each child depending if you have the wall space. As for the size of the frames, it depends if they will go on the wall or on a table. For wall frames, 8”x10” or larger will look the best. I really like the large modern square frames that have been popping up in stores. For table frames 4”x6” or 5”x7” will work fine. If she already has frames on the wall that need to be updated than only the prints will do.

  1. Gift certificate and...

Lastly a gift certificate for a family photoshoot. Especially if it’s been a couple of years since the last one. I’ve noticed that I get more sessions with young families than older ones. Family sessions can be done at any age, even when your kids are adults. Even if they have their own families. Make it an event! When she books her session, make plans for after. Go to a restaurant, do a family outing, have a supper planned for everyone at home, etc. The other thing that I like about a gift certificate, is that they don’t expire. I have families that purchased gift certificates in 2019 and still haven’t used them because of the COVID restrictions in their area. Make sure that you know which photographer she likes before purchasing one, or just contact the last one that you used. You might think that a gift certificate isn’t as exciting as a physical gift, so why not add a beautiful plant that she can use to decorate your home or a meaningful pendant. When my husband doesn’t know what to get me I ask for a date with him at the spa and movie night out with the kids (both weren’t an option this year, sad face).

Organize for the weekend.

Quality family time, couples time and alone time is the perfect combo to treat those mamas and can be done in any order you like. You might have to wait for the weekend to organize things if everyone is working and kids are at school, so have a little gift and cake for her on the day of the celebration and keep the fun for later.


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