Best gifts for fathers

We’ve already covered the best gifts for mothers, so this week’s blog is for fathers. This will be good for Father’s Day, their birthday and any other occasion that requires a gift for our handsome dads. These are additional ideas, because what we covered for mothers would also be fantastic gifts for fathers. So instead of repeating those ideas here, head on over to my other blog and have a read to get inspired. I did consult with many fathers before I wrote this, so I’m pretty confident that these will be appreciated.

OOAK gifts. (One-of-a-kind)

We love our papas and they deserve a unique gift on their anniversary. I like shopping on artsy homemade websites for these. You can get almost anything personalized with a message. Like custom leather keychains, gym bags, fishing gear, t-shirts, wallets, mugs, tools, etc. Anything custom made with their name will make it even more special. Plus, you will be encouraging a small business! If you don’t have the option to personalize it, you can do it yourself. DIY t-shirts are way easier than you think. I do them all the time! You might see me in my business shirt that I made myself with my logo. All you have to do is purchase the transfer paper, print and image and iron it on the shirt. I’m sure all DADS WILL TREASURE this attention!

An upgraded camera.

While you wait for your next family session, make sure you capture all the special moments in your kids lives. Replacing your old camera with a newer model might be a great gift idea for Dad. Most dads love tech things. If you don’t need a new camera, maybe a new laptop or computer to store all those precious photos you take. There are other cool gadgets ideas if you visit your local tech store. For example, a digital photo frame, an intelligent home device or a fun charging station. I’m the techy one in my family so this can also be a great idea for mothers. The digital photo frame I mentioned, I received one last Christmas and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It’s controlled through a phone app and I can directly transfer my pictures and videos from anywhere. We all have hundreds, even thousands of photos on our phones. This is so easy to share with everyone and you don’t need to print them with this frame.

Accessories for the BBQ.

Does your husband think he is THE BBQ KING? Mine sure does (but he really is good at it!)! It might be time to get him a new set of BBQ tools. Like I’ve mentioned, personalizing gifts make them even more valuable. You could ask your kids to write a message on the handle of the tools with a permanent marker, or put your little ones hand prints on an apron, draw and cure a special meat plate for Dad, etc. These also fall in the one-a-of-kind category. I like making a gift basket for my husband with his favorite items with the help of my kids and we add marinating sauces, a new brush and new mitts every year. Last year my husband was lucky enough to receive a new BBQ! Have a check and see if yours needs to be replaced.

Fun portraits.

Research photo ideas on popular apps. If Dad is a construction worker, have your kids dress up in his gear and take a portrait. You could write a poem about them and add it to the printed picture. There are also some cute pics where each kid is holding a message for Dad. For example, You're the best Dad or D, A and D. I would even suggest redoing these every year or every couple of years to show how much your kids have grown. Another idea would be to start a tradition with Dad and take a special portrait with him. Something silly or original! There are so many ways to find inspiration on the web these days. Include fathers in the process and get them excited to repeat next year. Most of all, take the time to tell them why you love them and how important they are to your family.


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