Best time of year for family photos

I love this one! I get asked quite often too. I’m the worst to ask because I will say there is never a bad time (It’s true!). So I’ll go through every season and what to expect for each and you can decide what is best for your family.

Winter sessions.

Winter sessions are one of my personal favorites. Close your eyes. Can you see it? Crisp colors, fresh snow, cozy hats and warm hugs. It’s so magical! It is a less popular time because of the colder temperature, but that can give you more availability in my schedule. If the temperature is around -5 or -10 degrees, we will be comfortable if everyone is dressed properly. We might jog a bit towards the end if we have to and I can show off my mad skills (Okay fine, to warm up!)! We can set up around a campfire, go hiking, build a snowman, name it and I will be there. In November, when the first snow comes, I host A LOT of Christmas sessions. I have tree farm minis in Lachute, Christmas box minis at my residence and the traditional family minis on location. The last one has a different decor every year. Last year I had over 40 sessions booked between all 3 minis!

Spring sessions.

Flowers, blooming trees and warm temperatures make Spring an ideal time for a photoshoot. If you love flowers like I do then this might be the best time for your family session. Apple trees orchards, and tulips fields are open to visitors and photographers. We have a higher chance of getting rainy conditions, but we will reschedule until we can make it happen. If you prefer booking last minute, that’s okay too! I have different mini-sessions during this season. Spring minis in May and grad minis in June. We also have many prom sessions towards the end of June.

Summer sessions.

Summer is a quiet time for me. I only book 1-2 sessions per month. These sessions must be booked in advance in order for me to organize my travel and my family. What is great about Summer time is the late sunny days and the warm temperatures. It’s perfect for cute dresses and short sleeves. We can have these sessions at the beach, sunflower fields, on the docks, etc. It can get hot very quick mid-day so don’t forget to bring water for the little ones. I don’t host any mini sessions during this time of the year.

Fall sessions.

This is my favorite season and a busy one as well. As soon as trees start changing colors,my mini-sessions are fully-booked and in full-swing. I think Fall offers the best temperature and setting for breathtaking portraits. Everyone gets excited about wearing cozy sweaters, knee-high boots, colorful scarves and PLAID. Plus, families have lots of fun playing in the leaves and cuddling together in a blanket with the perfect background around them. These sessions are usually booked in October, once I’m finished with the back-to-school photoshoots in September. We can run into some rain, just like any other season, so be prepared to reschedule in case the weather isn’t playing nice that day. Locations for Fall mini-sessions vary and are only shared 1 week prior. I like rotating between different spots and sometimes have to change last minute. They will be hosted in the Hawkesbury region unless stated otherwise. If you would like to book a regular session, like at any other time of the year, you will be able to choose the location.

Young children.

Think of your kids before choosing any session. Do they hate the cold? Do they like to swirl around in their dresses. Your portraits should make your family shine in their best light. Christmas sessions usually gets them excited before Santa comes by. Do they like playing in the leaves? Or getting their toes wet? Booking a photoshoot should be a fun time for everyone. Think about offering a reward for after. If we are already at the beach or the park, for example, then you can enjoy the amenities when we are done!


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