Best time to book maternity photos

Today we will go through different times through your pregnancy that you might want to consider before booking your maternity photos. Here are the three most popular sessions that I offer for maternity photoshoots.

Pregnancy announcement.

This session will be used to announce to everyone that you and your partner are expecting. You will probably have some cute u/s pics of your little peanut, chalkboard to write down the due date, a diaper cover or pyjama with other special items that match your nursery theme. These are so fun and can get very creative. We can include the whole family as well to help announce the great news! The downside to this session is that your belly probably isn’t showing yet. But we can use this session to make gender reveal portraits for later when you find out the gender (2 for 1 yeah!).

Gender reveal.

This session will be used to announce, you guessed it, your baby’s gender. If you use different social media platforms you’ve probably seen these parties and know just how elaborate they can be. Balloons, cakes, paint, confettis, you name it and we will do it. At this point your belly has popped and you will be able to wear a cute outfit and will have more options with your wardrobe.

Third Trimester.

This session is done at the beginning of your third trimester around your 7 month of pregnancy. Why not later? Well let me tell you young grasshopper. Have you ever been so round that you can’t put on a pair of socks, let alone shoes? So big that when you drop something on the ground, you accept it’s lost forever! I’ve been there three times. And I remember clearly how ridiculous things like sitting down for 10 minutes could be so uncomfortable and even painful. The last weeks before the baby’s due date are meant for the future parents to rest and get everything ready for the new family member. It might not be the best time to photograph your pregnancy. Also, do you own a crystal ball that will tell you your exact delivery date? I don’t! So let’s play safe and book your session a couple of months before the due date. Around 7 months your belly is big and round and you will still be comfortable walking and sitting down.

Do I have to choose?

No! You can have all three if you planned a budget ahead of time for this. Having this special time in your life captured at all the big moments is entirely your choice. With social media nowadays, people print less and less their portraits because they share them in a different way. And with covid times, well, some family members or friends might not even see you pregnant so you will want to document your pregnancy for them through online platforms.

Young siblings.

If you are including the whole family in your maternity photos, considering the time of the day will be important. I would never recommend booking a session right before, during or right after their naptime. Before lunch time is usually the ideal time for everyone. Around 10 or 11 and you can bring snacks to keep them happy.

What other times are important to capture?

Your baby shower and the birth of your baby are two more important milestones of your pregnancy. That means you don’t have to bother family and friends to take photographs and everyone can enjoy the party. Same goes for your delivery. Your partner will be busy comforting you and helping with pain management. So why not have someone capture these moments and have peace of mind that it is taken care of.


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