Best time to book newborn photos

Hey everyone! This week’s blog talks about timing your newborn photoshoot. It’s a legitimate question to ask yourself because it can make a difference. Newborn photos are meant to be portraits of your just born baby.

What is the time frame for these portraits?

I would say between 1-3 weeks of the baby's birth. Anytime before that should be used for the new family to rest and get a routine set. After 3 weeks, your baby will be rapidly growing and might already be losing some of his newborn features. There is no rule for when is the perfect time to photograph your baby. It really is a personal choice.

What if I decide to wait?

That’s okay as well. We might not call it a newborn photoshoot at that point but any time you choose will still be a special time in your baby’s life to capture. Waiting until they can hold their heads up, smile or sit on their own, will offer you more variety in your portraits and become a family photoshoot.

Can I book a session and change my mind?

Of course! You don’t always have the birth you planned or might not be feeling your usual best. Your session deposit will be carried through to another booking when your family is ready. I do ask a 48hr notification so I can offer that spot to someone who would like it. Also, I’m a mama of three and I have to organize these photoshoots around my personal time so when someone cancels the same day, I might be missing out on a special activity with my family.

Time of the day.

Once you have booked your newborn session, another thing to consider is the time of the day. We can shoot during the baby’s naptime for sleepy portraits or we can shoot when your baby is rested and fed. I would also recommend before lunch time. Babies can get crankier as the day progresses if they don't have a good night's rest, having a photographer in their bubble might not be what’s best. I tend to book around 10 or 11 in the morning. Also, I don’t use flashes or light sources, so having the daylight at its brightest is important for me. If you have young children who are still napping, booking a photoshoot right before that window could also be difficult for them.

Sleepy or awake.

Again, it’s a personal choice. Don’t set your heart too much on one or the other because, let’s face it, babies are unpredictable. I never know what to expect when I get to a newborn photoshoot. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. That’s where lifestyle photos come in handy. Your portraits will be of your family doing family things at home. We might get lucky and get both! We can also have a super cranky little babe who is not having it today. On rare occasions, we rebooked a session a week later to give the little one more time to adapt to his new life.

What about crying babies?

I do get those as well! I’m one of those weirdos who think crying babies are adorable, so I will probably take a shot of them crying while you are comforting them, so you can remember those moments. Having a baby is a crazy ride friends and it goes fast. I’ve been there!!!! Joking aside, we can definitely place the baby in a different position where we might not see them crying at that moment. I also let the baby lead the session. They want a break, they are hungry, they are tired, etc. then we will make sure that they are comfortable first.


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