Creative ways to display your photos in your home

If you are like me, you have pictures in every room of your house, cottage and classroom (I like photos, like A LOT!). Figuring out which one to print, where to put it, what color frame to purchase and the dreaded hole in the wall can make it complicated. I’ve got it all covered on this week’s blog.

How many and which one?

I like researching ideas on popular apps before I start any planning. The inspiration picture I choose will guide me through this process. Collage walls are super popular and give you a chance to print out more portraits. You’ve already eliminated one hurdle: choosing which one to print. Buy a frame for every print you want. You can have them lined up, made in a big square, have them in different orientations to fill up your wall. I think that bigger is better when it comes to decorating. I have 3 big square frames in my living room all lined up and cover a good portion of that wall.

I still can’t choose a color.

If you ask me, I will say white or black. It’s simple and it let’s the portrait shine. If you like a lot of color in your home and feel comfortable choosing a color, then by all means, do it. If not, try to play with colors on other items in that room. For example, pillows and throws. I like to recycle my frames every couple of years. I will paint them and put them in another room. It makes them look like new and saves me from spending money on more frames.

I refuse to make holes in my walls.

Same for me! I purchase special hanging velcros that stick to the wall and to the back of my frames for easy posing. These are super easy to remove when you decide to change your decor. If you look at the packaging there is a weight requirement to respect to make sure they don’t fall. When you change the prints in your frames, each piece of the velcros will stay attached to the wall and to the frame. To reinstall, simply align the velcros and push on the frame until you hear the snap. These are easy to find in any large chain stores.

Using other spaces.

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that I order magnetic prints for my fridge. They are so cute and easy to switch up. I love the 4”x4” modern square. I promise my fridge doesn’t look messy. They are lined up on one of the doors and fill the whole space. I like to use my phone pics for that space. For example, hockey portraits, first communion, last year with Santa, my nephew, etc.


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