How to prepare for your newborn session

You are probably reading this pregnant and researching which photographer best represents the style you like. Do you feel overwhelmed? I get it. I went through the same thing when I had my kids. There is so many to choose from. In this blog, I will tell you how to prepare for a lifestyle newborn session and why I think they are better than a studio session. That being said, I did studio sessions with all my 3 children and have beautiful portraits.

How will you feel?

If this isn’t your first child, you will have a little idea of how you will feel or what shape your health will be in after giving birth. Did you want to travel with your newborn? Not really. If this is your first child you won’t know until it happens. A newborn session must be booked in advance if you want to guarantee your spot. So… what are you trying to say? Why not have the session at home. Wait, what?

You heard me right.

You don’t have to go anywhere to have beautiful portraits of your newborn. It is way simpler than you think. Your house doesn’t have to be tidy (Hello, you just had a baby!). We can choose 1 or 2 locations in your house that are well lit and give us enough room to move. I promise I will close my eyes and not look at the mess, unless you point it out to me! Usually I do the session in the baby’s room or in the master bedroom on your big comfy bed. Some families like the living area on the sofa as well because of the big windows. Wherever you choose I will make it look great.

This is too easy.

Right!!! You don’t need to travel, bring the diaper bag, the bottles and 10 outfits. You are comfortable at home and everything is already there. Also, you are not putting yourself at risk if you have to keep it easy. You can control your home temperature and make sure everyone is cozy.

But I don’t have props.

Neither do I. I like to shoot natural portraits in your home. The baby in his crib, Mommy and baby on the rocking chair, everyone snuggled together in your bed, etc. Simple portraits that show all the love you are feeling as a new parent. As for clothing, it can be any cute outfit you choose or a basic diaper cover.

Who will be in the portraits?

It can only be the baby if that is what you wish. I do like to include everyone so they have a souvenir of this special time. But oftentimes, I only need your hands to hold their little feet or your arm to cradle your little one. I know how it feels after you’ve given birth when your body is still sore and that belly still shows. There is no pressure for you to be in the portraits. Keep in mind that I will place you with the baby in flattering poses if you want to be included.

I don’t know when I will give birth, how can I book a newborn session?

We will book a tentative date 1 to 2 weeks after your due date and I will keep you a spot on all those dates to choose from after. Depending on how your delivery goes and how you feel, we will book the day that works best. What if I want to wait later? Then we will choose a later date! No need to rush anything. I hope this helps!


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