My approach to family photography

If you don’t know me or follow my work, I specialize in family photography. It’s how I started and it’s what I love to do. I’m also a full-time teacher. Which means, I love working with kids. I usually say hi and start talking to your kids before I even present myself (Sometimes, I COMPLETELY forget to present myself!). It’s like we become instant friends! Of course, I always adjust myself to all the different types of personalities. I like to have them involved in the process and curious about what I’m doing. I’ve had kids come behind the camera with me to take shots of their parents and I like to show them what I’ve taken so far.

Start with larger numbers and reduce.

When I get any number of family members come to a photo session, I like to start with the whole group and then reduce as I go. Kids don’t stay still or attentive for very long, so I make sure I’m quick in my transitions. After I’m done with the group, we will do the siblings, then the parents and then individual shots. In very rare cases, I start with the parents only, to give a chance for everyone to acclimate to me and what we are doing. We can end with the family shots, no problem. I will follow your kids' pace. It can help to have snacks to encourage them to participate. Tickling also helps to get them to smile. They should never be forced. They might always dislike taking photos if they have a bad experience. We can always rebook another session when they are a little bit older.

Quick clicks.

I’ve got a quick clicking index. You should see the muscles on that little guy! Jokes aside, I don’t waste any time when I have everyone posed and smiling. I do talk a lot, like I’ve mentioned in another blog, but I’ll be shooting at the same time. I’m a multitasking freak or I’m an undiagnosed hyperactive person. Who knows! But I get it done QUICK!

Setting a time limit.

If you have young children, or even older, whichever, I like to set a time limit during our session. What that means is, taking breaks. While I transition into different poses with different members of your family, this gives the rest a break. If you’ve booked a mini-session, we might not need a break because they will only last about 10-15 mins. When I know I have more than enough shots to offer you a gallery, then we can have fun and play. The play part will extend your session and give me lots of giggles and smiles.

Listening for cues.

Since I’m the one in front looking at your family, I will be the first to see that your little one is not enjoying this anymore or needs something. We will either try a different composition for everyone or just take a quick break. When you book your session, think about nap times and eating times. I wouldn’t recommend a session before any of those. As we go along, if you planned a reward for after, keep on reminding them of what comes after this. I’m very patient, if you child needs to be comforted, then please do.

Having fun.

Photoshoots are supposed to be fun. I know that the ones I had at school or with my family as a kid weren’t, but I feel like we have evolved from that. Almost everyone has a good quality camera on their phone now, so kids are exposed to having their photograph taken on a regular basis. Also, lifestyle photos aren't always about staying still. It’s twirling and throwing your kid up in the air, tickle fights and even playing tag. If you're lucky, I will have a funny joke to share. No promises on the quality of my jokes (I might just say poop and fart the whole time!)!


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