What is the best age to photograph kids

Hey everyone! This week we are covering an interesting question. What is the best age to photograph kids? The answer is any and all but it’s not as simple as it sounds. When I head to a photoshoot and I know there will be toddlers, my expectations aren’t the same with teenage kids. I’m constantly adjusting myself and my approach to the age of your children. I’m also a teacher, so working with kids is my true passion. I have experience with all ages and being a mother myself, I remember what worked and didn’t at different stages. One thing is for sure, kids like to have fun! So make it sound fun to them and have a reward ready for after the session. Yes, even your teenagers will need a bit of motivation!

Every age has its quirks.

I won’t go through all the ages individually but more in groups to help you prepare before your photoshoot. For babies, being close to their parents is important. They are easy to make smile with the help of a parent behind. They won’t have a lot of patience, so things have to move quickly. For toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3, they are on the move and don’t always like doing what is told. So this will be the perfect age for walking shots, games, tickling and being silly. They will need something to reward them during the session as well. You can bring a little snack and give it to them between transitions. For kids aged between 4 and 8, they can be shy, outgoing, interested or NOT interested. Their personalities have started to set and will show through the session. But there's always a way to make them smile. For kids aged 8 and up, they are very good at following directions and behave usually very well to please their parents. I like to make the older kids feel special and make it all about them with some individual shots. I will ask them beforehand and include them in the process. Teenagers typically have Instagram accounts and like to have updated photos of themselves to post.

These will be your memories.

I understand that some ages are tricker to photograph then others, but don’t you want a souvenir of those crazy years? We have to laugh about it, because I know it gets tough! They will outgrow that phase and start a new one before you know it. If our session doesn’t go as planned in your head, wait and see the portraits I took. I always get comments like, “I can’t believe you got them to look and smile!”, “How did you do that they were crying the entire time”, “They turned out so nice!”, etc. My point of view sees a different image than yours. If you would like a particular silly photo let me know.

You will cherish them all.

Taking the time to set up a photoshoot is such a great investment for the present but mostly for the future. Your kids will be adults before you know it and these photographs will be part of your memories. You will cherish them, I promise! I also find a home more welcoming when portraits are framed up everywhere. And you will also get more for your money if you share them (Not just on your social media account!).I always give the grandparents, aunts, godparents and friends a recent family portrait that everyone appreciates during the Holidays.

Fun photos to redo every year.

Some families have traditions and take the same portrait every year. I LOVE THOSE!!! I do this as well with my kids. I can’t wait to do one when they are adults so we can compare through the years! If you would like to plan this in your session, let me know. With repeat clients, I do it automatically year after year (Yes I remember! But don’t ask me what I ate this morning!). Some ideas for these are, holding a framed family portrait of last year and then print it for next year’s session, doing a ridiculous pose or a silly face, stacking everyone on top of each other, etc. Maybe you have a better idea… Let’s do it!


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