What to do if it rains on the day of your session

Let’s dive into this one right away. What do we do if it rains? We reschedule! You will receive a message from me the MORNING of your session stating that we will be rescheduling. Please don’t send me a message with the weather report 1 week before the photoshoot (I know you are worried). The weather will probably change by that time (Let’s be positive!)! Sometimes, we are dealt with a rainy, cold and cloudy day and there is nothing we can do about it. Side note, I prefer cloudy days then sunny ones, unless it’s a sunset (Swoon!!!!!).

My schedule.

Since I do this only part-time, that means I don’t book hundreds of sessions. I have a family to take care of and my weekends are busy. That’s why I like mini-sessions. They take up 2 days in the month and I don’t feel like I’m overworked and I get to see more clients in a shorter amount of time. That being said, a regular session gives us more time to get the perfect shots. I have enough room in my schedule to rebook any type of session. Don’t worry about it!

Going inside.

I don’t have a studio, so changing the location can be hard for me to organize. If you would prefer having an indoor photo session at your residence we can plan that instead. It might ask more on your part. But, It shouldn’t be complicated! We will use 1-2 rooms in your home, like the living room and your bedroom and have an inside photoshoot in the family’s element. It can also give us the opportunity to change outfits mid-way if you would like more variety.

You are my priority.

If we need to reschedule, you will have priority in my schedule. You won’t get pushed to the bottom with my next availability in two months. I only do photo sessions on weekends, so that probably means the following weekend will be available for you if that is what you wish. If you have scheduling conflicts, think about keeping the following weekend available in case we have to change our plans due to the unpredictable weather.

Different seasons.

Before booking a session, think about what that season will offer. We all know Spring has lots of rain so it might be harder to book in advance. You can try to book the morning of and see if I still have a spot available (Chances are slim, but not impossible!). Let’s be honest though, it rains in every season. As for winter, snow is always welcome, but not -40 degree weather.

Finding cover.

Certain locations offer us gazebos or trees to cover. If you really can’t reschedule your photoshoot we can choose another location that could still work and keep everyone dry. We could even play in the puddles at the end for some unique shots. You will still receive a beautiful gallery any day you book with us.


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