What to expect from your newborn photoshoot

When booking a newborn photoshoot you probably have no clue what to expect, especially with your first child. Not only from the photographer or the portraits, but also how your baby will be. Here I give you an idea of what to expect if you book a session with me. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a lifestyle photographer and do not have a studio. That means, if you book a session, you will be welcoming me to YOUR RESIDENCE or any other location that you think is adequate. A newborn session is on average 1 to 2 hours long. I don’t like rushing through the session for many reasons. I want this session to be a success and for you to have a great experience. This might be our first of many photoshoots together. I will be looking forward to seeing your family grow through the years.

Many breaks and following cues.

You probably already know this, but babies can be demanding. They have basic needs like sleep, feeding, diaper change, temperature and pain that needs to be attended to every time when they cry. That means we will be taking breaks quite often between different poses or transitions in your home. Together we will be looking for cues that it’s time to pause. I will keep myself busy with your older children if that’s the case or take pictures of the baby’s room. If your baby needs to be comforted or fed often we will definitely need a longer session. I’m not fussy about having a sleeping or woken baby. I think it’s wonderful to see families interact with their newborn. The way they look at their parents is precious! I want you to expect breaks and know that I’m used to it. Newborn photoshoots are very relaxed!

Home temperature.

Another thing to consider is your home temperature. Babies love to be warm and cozy. Maybe think of increasing your thermostat by 2-3 degrees for the time of our session. If your baby will be fully dressed it might not be necessary. If we are doing shots of them in a diaper cover or having multiple clothing changes, they will definitely be more comfortable in a warmer setting. Don’t over do it, we don’t want your face melting off. We can always wrap them in a warm blanket.

What you will need.

Nothing really! We will be in your home with all of the newborn’s things on hand. If you want to incorporate special items like heirlooms or work related props, just have them ready. I don’t usually bring props myself but will gladly try to recreate a portrait that inspired you. We can use blankets to keep your little one happy during the clothing changes. Keep a pacifier close by in case we need to soothe your him or her and don’t worry if you need to feed, put to sleep or change dirty diapers.

Printing my portraits.

Once I’m done editing your photos, you will receive a digital album to view, download and print your photos. Many companies offer this service on their websites now and having digital portraits makes it easier to send to their printers. You might also have a favorite local business that you like using. In that case, you will probably have to send the photos you would like printed through an email. If you need technical help afterwards, I will gladly help as best as I can!


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