What to wear to your maternity photoshoot

If you read our blogs consistently you know that a lot of information is shared every week. I’ve been going through what to wear on your family photoshoot and your newborn photoshoot. I won’t repeat any of my tips but instead add-on with more ideas. I strongly recommend reading the previous post even if you're booking a maternity session.

Location or clothing?

Which one of these is more important? Actually both are, but one might inspire you more. You might already have your heart set on a location because it holds sentimental value to your family or you saw a recent shoot from my portfolio and would like to recreate the same look. Then, you can choose your clothing to match that setting. Or maybe you have a specific wardrobe already planned out and would like to find a location that would suit it. At that point, we will look at our options and choose a location that will make your portraits stunning.

My maternity photoshoots

When I had my maternity sessions I wore the same maternity clothes I would go to work in. I knew they fit and were comfortable (No shopping necessary!). I’m a pretty simple gal so I chose the classic jeans and t-shirt look. It also made it easier to lift my shirt up to show off my growing belly. Please note that for jeans, I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans. It won’t fit you say... Of course they don’t fit, but I really liked the opened button jeans pictures and unfortunately with maternity jeans there's a big elastic material that doesn’t look so nice when folded down. As long as you can pull up your jeans over your bum, then you are set!

Where do one find inspirations?

I often get clients that have nothing planned out yet and aren’t sure what to do. If you booked your session a couple of months in advance, you will have all that time to plan and talk with your photographer. For locations, it’s not always easy to do a web search so you can inspire yourself from a recent blog of mine for the best locations in Hawkesbury. Depending on the season, it would be best to figure out that part first. Once location is set you can do easy web searches on popular platforms to find clothing ideas.

Different clothes for different seasons.

Here are some ideas for each season:

WINTER. You could wear a thick sweater with a cute winter pompom hat and gloves. (Bring a blanket to warm up during transitions)

SPRING. You could wear a sweatshirt dress with some flat shoes or a pair of simple sneakers.

SUMMER. You could wear a long maxi dress in any colour to show off your silhouette.

FALL. You could wear a long sleeve shirt with jeans and knee boots with a cute colourful infinity scarf.

Do you have gowns?

I do not, unfortunately. It would be hard for me to have the colour and size of each client's needs. And where would I put all of these gowns? This mama has three growing kids and I don’t have any closet space to spare. I really hope this answers most of your questions. Let me capture this important milestone in your family’s life and make it a memorable moment.


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