What to wear to your newborn photoshoot

First thing to do before reading this week’s blog is to read last week’s. There are a lot of answers to your questions included in that post that are also pertinent to your newborn photoshoot.

Ok I read it! What else should I know?

Newborn photoshoots are done in majority at my clients homes. I don’t have a studio and have no intentions of getting one anytime soon. That means we don’t have to worry about the weather or the season. No need for jackets or blankets to keep your little one warm. At home, your baby can wear a simple diaper cover to show off their tiny features or muslin wrap if that is what you choose.

No shopping?

Nope! If you did your homework, you read NO SHOPPING beforehand. The cost of your session is the only thing you should spend money on (If you want to go shopping, by all means, go!). Parents and siblings should wear comfortable clothing since we will probably be sitting on your couch or cuddling in your bed. Your session should represent your day to day life with your family.

Printing your portraits

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, you will be looking at these portraits on a daily basis in your home decor. So whether you choose dressier clothes or simpler ones you must like what you are wearing first. It can feel like a very important decision when you book your session and it should be thought through a couple of weeks beforehand to plan better.

Have options

I always recommend having different outfits ready if you want more variety. You don’t have to choose just 1 outfit. Especially if the session is at home. We can take a break and change everyone’s outfit when we change location in your home. Have everyone’s clothing ready to make transition quicker. If you need two extra hands with your little ones have you considered...


Another thing that could be planned for your session is inviting an adult to help with the siblings once the family shots are done. They can bring them outside and play while we continue the session inside. They should wait in another room not to distract the younger ones while we are shooting, but they can definitely help out while you change outfits.

We have heirlooms.

Wonderful!!!! They will make your photos even more special and unique. I do think it’s best to let your photographer know ahead of time so it can be planned in your session and not forgotten. Also, depending on the item in question, it might need a bit of creativity to make it work. Most important thing to remember is don’t forget to book your sessions a couple of months in advance to get a spot. You will have peace of mind and have a lot of time to plan your session.


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