Why I’m a lifestyle photographer

This week I wanted to share the reasons why I decided to specialize in lifestyle photography. I’ve said it before, photos tell a story. This style offers so much more variety and can expand beyond any important milestones. They show the day to day family life you live. A great lifestyle session will create some perfect shots of what life with that family is like. If you like to browse through picture apps, you might have noticed that it is definitely becoming more and more popular. With social media it is very easy to share a photo and lifestyle photos have gained some momentum through the different platforms.

It’s natural and candid.

Even though I guide you through the session, it isn’t always posed. I will direct you and place every subject, but after that, we will be interacting with each other. I move a lot through the photoshoot as I’m trying to get sweet cuddles, giggles and any emotion that you share with me in all the angles I can get. One pose can give me 5-10 portraits that don’t look in any way the same. And what is great about lifestyle photography is that YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LOOK AT ME! You can look at your kids and your partner and be in the moment. Enjoy yourselves! We can take a stroll if no one wants to sit down too! We will move with your family and let the little ones guide us.

It’s fun and creative.

I love how these types of sessions are informal. Yes you can pose and smile for me, but it gives me more room to be creative and try something different. I will bring the FUN, the CREATIVE and the ENERGY to our session, so you don’t even have to worry about that. All you will have to do is get dressed and show up. If you need help with clothes, I have a blog posted to give you some helpful tips. If you need help with remembering your upcoming session, you will receive a reminder 24hrs before. I’ve got it all covered! You shouldn’t have to worry about the little details. Another important thing to bring is your personalities! Play games with your kids that you usually do at home, or say silly things that you know will make them smile. If you can’t think of something, I’ve got a couple of classic jokes ready to go (I might even open my fart app!). Finally, you can definitely have a tickle war between yourselves! All these will give me spontaneous smiles and laughs, which is what we want!

It’s more affordable.

Having a studio was never really an option for me. I work as a full-time teacher and photograph 1-2 weekends per month. That studio would not be used enough. Also, renting a studio can be quite expensive. My monthly photoshoots would not cover it. I could build one at my residence, but that really isn’t the direction I want to go in. So much equipment is involved as well, like lights. I don’t want to buy 100s of backdrops and props either. As a second career, I choose to only invest in a good quality camera and courses to improve my skills. As you can see in my portfolio and on my blog, we have enough amazing locations to use in my area. Plus I like to travel and discover new spots. So, with that being said, I was clearly never meant to be in a studio. Keep me wild friends!


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