Why prints matter

Printing portraits used to be the only way you could see a picture. Remember those film cameras? They still exists of course, but now when we take pictures on our phones or digital cameras, we can look at the photos right after and decide which one should be printed instead of being forced to print them all. And when it comes to sharing them on different social media platforms, we don’t even need to print them. A simple download to the chosen app and that’s it!

Should I only print professional portraits?

Any special photo that you cherish, regardless of the quality, should be printed. We take so many photos with our phones nowadays, to just download them in a cloud and never look at them again. I think that printing your portraits is just as important as taking them. Every picture tells a story. When you print them you get to tell that story throughout your home. It makes a house into a home and is a great conversation starter when you have guests.

It is so time consuming.

Lots of people have a hard time choosing which portraits to print, then the size, then the frame and finally the location in your home. Home decor doesn’t come easy for everyone. But that does not mean that you have to go through this process every time you print your photos. Once I’ve printed my favorite pictures from my photoshoot, they often stay there for many years. I have pictures of my kids from baby to now everywhere in my home.

Investing in a photoshoot.

If you invest in professional photos, I strongly suggest printing them. You already spent a lot of money in organizing this session. Everyone was present and, hopefully, made an effort to smile and enjoy themselves. It will feel like a waste of time and money if no one sees them after. Kids love seeing themselves framed up on a large print with their family. It makes them feel valued and loved and with time, if you don’t change your prints, they will be able to see themselves grow up through these portraits.

Other options to consider.

A fun option that I do, are magnetic prints for our fridge. Most local printers offer them now so you don’t have to change your existing prints. My favorite is the 4”x4” modern square that look like tiles. They are stacked beautifully on our fridge and get rotated through the years. You can also purchase magnetic sheets and make your own once you’ve printed your favorite photos.

Should I print them on my home printer?

I’m a no for that one. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do it, but I honestly think it costs more to do it yourself than to send it to your local printer. You are also limited to small sizes. I know some home printers have better printing quality than others, but I’m just not a fan. It’s okay for when I want a quick 4”x6” for Grandma or if my kids need a photo for a school presentation. I will let you research that one on your own and make your own opinion. If it’s easier for you than go for it! I’ll be happy regardless because you printed them.


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